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Weddings are all about making memories

Welcome to this, my first blog on my new website. I sincerely hope everyone will enjoy the content. I will be adding new blogs on a regular basis that I hope you will find interesting.

If I can start off by answering a question that I am often asked, about the benefits of having an entertainer especially a magician at a wedding. As a busy full time entertainer I feel more than qualified to answer this. So I thought my first blog should highlight this and if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

A wedding celebration is all about one thing, making it a happy and memorable experience for the couple getting married and their respective parents. Something that will be remembered and spoken about for a long time to come, but, what will make one wedding stand out from another as well as making it truly magical for all those attending without having to break the bank?

Just as it is a magic time for the Bride and Groom when a couple tie the knot so to speak, they understandably want the whole world to know and share the celebration with everyone. But unfortunately with guests attending so many weddings these days, one wedding can easily just blend into another. It takes more than just the chosen colour scheme to make a wedding stand out!

In any function or event, weddings included, entertainment plays an important part. All weddings have a DJ or a band and perhaps a singer, but does this make it any more magical or memorable? By inviting a magician to entertain the guests, this really does give the day the WOW factor with magic performed up-close and personal as everybody loves to be involved and be directly part of the action. I speak from experience, when I entertain at a wedding whether it is during the drinks reception whilst photos are being taken, performing close-up during the wedding breakfast going from table to table also sometimes performing a short cabaret spot during the evening, I try to make it a thoroughly interactive experience, where everyone takes part and gets a front row seat. This makes it completely unique, instead of just sitting back to watch a show. 

At the Wedding Reception: 

Coming straight from the ceremony when guests arriving at the reception, family and friends in attendance rarely know each other, coming together for the first time, they are offered a drink and canapés but then they are usually left to their own devices, checking their Twitter and Facebook pages or standing around in groups whilst the Bride and Groom are whisked away to have their photos taken. Having a magician in attendance certainly gets people talking and raises the level of excitement. This is the ideal ice breaker. 

During the Wedding Breakfast:

With a magician entertaining going from table to table this can greatly help the momentum of the event to move along seamlessly all adding to the experience of the day. Whilst the wedding photographer is roaming around there are many great opportunities for him or her to capture the perfect reaction shots of sheer delight and amazement on the faces of the guests whilst the magic is taking place. Also an experienced wedding magician will know how to work the room, how to approach tables and especially work with the serving staff to help the couple achieve their perfect day. 

Cabaret for the evening reception: 

To give the band or DJ a break during the evening reception or when the room is being turned around directly after the wedding breakfast there is nothing more enthralling than magical entertainment, this is performed on a larger scale involving the whole audience and suitable for all ages. Quite simply a magical entertainer can work wonders, but any couple contemplating hiring such an entertainer for their wedding should never just rely on a website or advertising, a personal live demonstration is highly recommended whenever possible. 

Other entertainments that are also worth considering are Caricaturists, a Silhouette Artist as well as Singing Waiters or Chefs.

To find out more about Franklin’s unique form of entertainment or if I can be of service to you for your next event or function please contact me through this website or telephone 0113 2677 190 or Mobile 0780 117 6362.