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Psychic Warfare – Fact or Fiction???

Of the many things that have inspired me over the years in my demonstrations of psychological Mind Magic was many of the sensational stories that have appeared in newspapers and magazines about the paranormal. The following article and many others like them came to light in the 1970’s. 

I’ll let you, the reader; decide with an open mind how much truth there is in it.


Russia’s scientists are working on the most formidable weapon yet in their leaders’ struggle for world domination: The human mind.

More than a half a dozen universities, including Alma-Ata, close to the Afghanistan border, have been given vast sums of money to perfect the psychic superweapon. One medium has so far inflicted serious burns merely by laying her fingers on a subject’s arms and stopping animal’s hearts just by looking at them. 

British psychic experts predict that the development of more powerful mind weaponry is only a matter of time. ‘It is possible that with mind over matter, a psychic could trigger an atom bomb.’

Among the experiments being conducted behind the Iron Curtain is one to change the course of guided missiles by thought power. Professor Kozyrev of the Pulkovo Observatory near Leningrad has tested psychics who have influenced gyroscopes – the heart of guided missile systems. So far they have succeeded only over short distances.

There is also evidence that the Russians are investigating the military applications of hypnosis. British psychics say: ‘They have already hypnotised young musicians to play brilliantly by telling them they were Chopin’s reincarnations.’

Their fear is that they may find a way of influencing people in Britain and America to carry out secret missions against their will – a notion which has been dismissed by hypnotists until now.

They also believe that the world balance of power could be tipped by something as insignificant as a wristwatch. They say: ‘It’s possible to learn a person’s secrets by using psychometry – a form of clairvoyance in which psychics get information by handling a person’s possessions.’ Students of the occult have known about this for a long time.

This plan could be used to learn a country’s plans if a small item belonging to a leader fell into the wrong hands.

Western scientists, too, have been working hard on psychic research. And America has already had considerable success with experiments in which people have been able to draw detailed maps of target areas in the West – areas they have never seen, thousands of miles from their homes.

The applications of this technique are obvious, the next target for ‘remote viewers’ is Soviet missile bases.

Riveting isn’t it? But now that the Internet has taken over from much of the written word, there are a number of documentaries that can now be found on YouTube, for all lovers of the X-Files, the unexplained and conspiracy theories. 

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