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Making a Connection with your Audience

I must first apologise for being lax in not writing a blog on a more regular basis.  My only excuse is being a full time entertainer having to travel to and from shows is very time consuming.

The subject of this blog has been in the pipeline for some time.

Whenever you need to communicate with another person, be it a family member, a friend, in your job, your line of business or even to a stranger, it makes no difference even if you have no interest in wishing to learn the skills to become a Mind Magician you still need to make some type of connection with those you are wanting to communicate with. To this end, you have to actively listen and be fully present in the moment hearing whatever the other person is actually saying to you. This will also very much give you a unique edge over and above those that do not actively listen. This activity goes way beyond hearing the mere words someone is saying and you also need to look at their body language and pick up on their tone of voice. It also has to be said that other people can tell if you are listening to them by your eye contact, how you respond verbally and through your body language. You could say it is very much a two way street.

Having the skills of a mind magician does not need to be used just in stage entertainment and it takes on a new meaning when used in the real world.

  • In the business world it can help you motivate the people around you.
  • As a sales person it will help you understand your customers and drive sales.
  • In the medical profession it will help you make greater connections with those that are being treated.
  • Empathy is something all teachers should use and teach it to their students.

I have written on the subject of reading body language in a previous blog, titled ‘Reading between the Lies’.  If you have not yet read it or any of my other blogs I urge you to please check them out. And there are many excellent books available on the subject.

It makes no difference if you have an audience of one or one thousand!  The way you communicate is crucial to the connection you want to make and the relationship you want to have, but above all else you must demonstrate sincere honesty.

How many times have you heard it said, are you actually listening to me?

I suppose the question is very individual as in whoever is asking the question, what is being said and what the person really wants you to hear.   Is the conversation taking place of interest to both parties or is it a lecture?

I realised many years ago when I had the aspiration to develop my skills to become a Mind Magician, I knew communication was of the upmost importance as people communicate in many different ways.

I have already mentioned reading body language is high on the list, as is a person’s tone of voice, but people also communicate possibly unknowingly on many other levels as well. Through their clothing, colours and logos they choose to wear.  Their hair, jewellery, body art tattoos and piercings to name but a few.

The thing is, when I speak about making a connection with others, you really need to connect with every fibre of your being, on every level. One level that is often overlooked in many situations is the emotional level. This is where you have to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, to understand how they might be feeling and for what reason. When you listen to someone emotionally you show empathy. Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within and is one of the most endearing qualities that you could possibly show. You might never know what another person is experiencing in their private and personal life, something that they will probably want to keep well-hidden and to themselves.

As an entertainer, I, like many people find myself having to speak in public. Maybe you yourself have had to put forward a presentation in your business, but just as expected your audience will be watching you.  You just as much need to be intently watching and listening to them. So with all this in mind you should be completely mindful not just with the words you are saying but your entire body language, right down to your smallest micro expressions.

You need to watch for any lack of interest your audience might be showing.  Maybe, it is signs of boredom, disapproval or even hostility. This will show up in many different ways from negative postures your audience could be showing. Just as much as smiles, head nodding and signs of agreement.

A few tips I might offer here:

  • Engage your audience – Yes
  • Excite your audience – Yes
  • Entertain your audience – Yes
  • Educate, possibly, but don’t lecture your audience.

On a one to one basis you need to listen to a person’s voice. The pauses they make. Is the pitch of their voice getting higher?  Are they speaking faster or even stuttering? Is your subject avoiding eye contact with you? If so, they may more than likely not want you to see their reaction and you will know they have something they wish to keep hidden.

The more you can empathise and connect with others the more you will be able to predict how they will act and react. When you are fully present and connect with your subjects you will be able to view the whole picture, giving you greater insight into their mind and emotions and what others are really feeling.

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