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Make magic part of your life

Magic has always been a big part of my life, but I don’t mean the magic of fairy tales or belief in the so called supernatural and the occult.  It also doesn’t mean that I have taken a step back into primitive times.  The magic I am alluding to is the magic of your own mind and what each and every one of us is capable of. When I entertain I try to show my audience what they can also personally achieve themselves.  This can only come about if you have total belief in yourself and in everything you are able to do.  Belief in my own abilities came about at a young age mainly from others not sharing similar interests and telling me it was not possible.  The more I was being told of things that were not possible, the more it fired me up to find out different ways that I could learn to do and achieve my dreams overcoming the apparently impossible.  I had to search out my own mentors that would give me the guidance I needed and had to tread many different paths before I knew I was on the right one, sometimes even being my own teacher.  I think this is the essence of every magician.

For many people, there comes a time in their life when they need to ask certain questions and also answer them with complete sincerity.  What is it that you really want in your life?  What would you do to accomplish it?  As each and every one of us is completely different, only you can answer this.  Whatever your answers are to these questions, whether it is one thing or more that you wish to accomplish, you need to take positive action to do something about it.  Do it NOW!  There is no putting it off until tomorrow and there is no delaying it, for all too often procrastination becomes never.  What do you need to do to take your first step?  What can you do right now?

Turn your dreams into your goals and you'll see them materialise; this will be real magic!  Many things you might have to give up, you might have to give up pleasing other people; you will certainly have to give up the fear of failure, doubting yourself and negative thinking as well as the fear of success.  If you can cope with all of this you know you will be on the right track.

This conviction of mine in the belief that anything is impossible, as I have said, it is not the stuff of fairy stories or make-believe, but if we can look at some of the greatest people in history and the things that they have achieved it would never have come about if they had listened to what others had told them and they would never have made anything of themselves. 

Up until the age of 4 the celebrated mathematician Albert Einstein wasn’t able to speak and his teachers said “he would never amount to much.”

Walt Disney the great pioneer of the animation film industry was fired from a newspaper he was working for, “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas.”

The Beatles were rejected by Decca Recording Studios, who said “We don’t like their sound. They have no future in the music industry.”

At the age of 30 Steve Jobs the creator of Apple was devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he created.  13 years later he returned and saved the company from bankruptcy and created what is considered by many as the greatest turnaround in history of corporate business.

This is only but a few that achieved fame in their lifetime that might have given up on their dreams if they had listened to what others had said!  As well as this, many great athletes as well as normal everyday people in all walks of life have struggled and persevered to get themselves through the pain barrier to what they could only dream of achieving. 

One of my own personal inspirations came indirectly from being a film buff and the film that left its deepest impression upon me as a child was that of the biographical life story of Houdini, made in 1953 staring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.  I was about seven or eight years old when I saw this film for the first time and it was that moment I immediately knew I wanted to be a magician.  Such was the profound affect it had upon me!  Although the film took many liberties with the actual facts about Houdini’s life, I didn’t find this out until I started reading books about him and began doing my own research, but as an impressionable youth this didn’t matter in the slightest.  Houdini never allowed the impossible to get in his way, always accepting a challenge and overcoming any obstacle: this is what made Houdini the person he was.  Seeing Houdini free himself from various manacles and the restraints he allowed himself to be placed in gave other people the faith they too needed to help them get through the great depression of the 1920’s era which everyone was experiencing at the time in America.  If Houdini could escape then so could anyone!

So many other factors helped to inspire me to pursue my path in life, although fictitious and as I have mentioned in a previous blog another great inspiration of mine was in reading the many stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about his creation of the master detective Sherlock Holmes. In the stories Holmes had phenomenal observational skills as well as the skill to read people, much of which I have endeavoured to develop and use in many of my own demonstrations.

As a youth growing up in London, I visited many different public libraries throughout the capital to read everything that was available for ways I could develop my own mind with subjects as diverse as memory training, psychology and hypnotic suggestion, as well as searching out stories of the weird and wonderful, fact as well as fiction: anything that would inspire me to get me to where I wanted to be.

I started off this blog by stating magic has always been part of my life and everyone if they wish can make it a part of theirs. To develop the mindset of a magician you need to exercise your mind, very much in the same way you would exercise your body on a daily basis.  As mentioned, a magician believes in his abilities with the conviction that nothing is impossible; if you can believe in yourself then you can do almost anything you set your mind to. You need to be fearless in your pursuit of whatever it is you want to achieve and never taking your eyes off your goal.  

A magician will risk everything to have mastery of his art and have total belief that he can make it happen, with all the tools and talents he needs to manifest his desires to achieve the so called impossible, turning an ordinary life into one that is extraordinary.

To find out more about Franklin’s unique form of entertainment and booking him for your next event or function.  Email: Tel: 01132 677 190 or 0780 117 6362.