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Just an Observation

I’ve got to admit I’m addicted to reading everything available on the subjects of getting the most from your mind and that of self-development.  Many of the books I have read incorporate memory development, mindfulness and meditation, but very few books, if any, mention the important subject on the way we communicate verbally as well as non-verbally, especially the latter if you have any wish to read people through their body language and micro-expressions. If you are in anyway interested in developing the skills of your own mind, this is a very useful subject to learn about especially if you work alongside other people in business, your employment, or even in family life.

When you begin to read another person’s body language and what they are giving off you begin to realise that you yourself are equally giving off the same signals to other people and they too will be reading your non-verbal signals as well. It is important when reading another person’s body language that you are not allowing your own emotions with your likes and dislikes.  This will only cloud your judgment which can be so easily done.

Another subject that is rarely mentioned, if ever, is that of observation and something that I make great use of in the majority of my demonstrations as a Mind Magician, this is not just in observing other people, but in observing their personal possessions such as in what they are wearing and what they wish to convey to other people they are with.  There are so many different facets to this subject.  Far too many to cover here, but just two or three to possibly whet your appetite such as the colours of the clothing people choose to wear and the meaning behind it.  Jewellery, is it subtle or ostentatious, is it old or is it new, is it expensive or costume jewellery; does it carry any religious or superstitious significance?  Has the person any visible tattoos, what are there meanings and what is the reason for them having them?

So much can be read about a person by learning about the symbolism of colours and their jewellery, what a person is saying and just as importantly what are they not saying!  Admittedly, ladies have so much more to convey in what they wear and not wishing to sound in any way sexist, hasn’t this always been the case?

Until next time, be mindful of what you think.  You never know who will be reading your thoughts!

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