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Beyond The Veil

If you have opened to this page the contents of Beyond the Veil are purely for working mentalists only.

How would you like to be able to tell anyone what they are merely thinking? Whether it is the name of someone famous, a celebrity recording artiste, including one of the songs they have made famous, even being able to name an object that someone has in mind or a landmark anywhere in the world. All of this is possible without anything ever having to be been written down. The method for accomplishing this is in an ever expanding tool for accomplishing the seemingly impossible, as for the subject matter it is limited only to your imagination as well as being 100% sure fire.

In another ground breaking routine your audience is shown by the mentalist how he or she is able to read a person’s mind, then giving one genuinely random member of the audience a chance to successfully demonstrate that they too can do the same as well using the method described.  

All the routines have been audience tested and refined where necessary since the early 1980’s and have been closely guarded and used only in my own performances. The book consists of 14 chapters of close-up, cabaret and stage routines, together with essays to bring our entertainment in front of today’s audiences with a CD Rom for all the necessary artwork.


This book has been written for the working mentalist


The Mentalist Deck

For the mentalist that loves demonstrations like Simon Shaw’s Directors Cut, Max Maven’s ‘Mind’s Eye Deck and Richard Osterlind’s ODDS. In the ‘Mentalist deck’ this takes the working performer to the next step that allows their assistant too freely shuffle the cards themselves before and after a card has been chosen with nothing ever being written down, this can also be performed in a walk around environment ad infinitum. Many different variations and presentations are included. If this isn’t enough the cards can be freely designed to bring in any subject the performer chooses. 

Ghost Writers in the Sky

The ultimate in revelation techniques where you teach your assistant how they too can read your mind or the mind of another member of the audience.  

Analytical Calculations 

A cabaret or stage routine that demonstrates your skills as a lightning calculator and a mentalist at the same time, where numbers are freely chosen and totalled in front of the audience, with absolutely no exchange of the numbers taking place. All this is after having made your prediction. The key point in this demonstration is that absolutely no mathematics is involved leaving all your efforts going towards the presentation. 

The Pebble Game

A completely low tech and natural way of knowing which hand holds a hidden object, to those that know the secret of this it goes way beyond the cost of this book.

It Peeks for Itself

A totally impromptu and convincing way for obtaining a full area peek of a business card  after having it replaced back into the stack of cards by your assistant.

A Force of One

A Remote Viewing demonstration where you can prove that you know which picture postcard has been chosen without ever going anywhere near the postcards during or after the card has been chosen.

In Defence of Playing Cards

My case for the defence in using playing cards in mentalism, together with one of the most useful gaffed decks in the mentalist’s arsenal.

The Unseen Assistant

A miracle class stage demonstration that makes use of an unseen assistant.

Tuning In Updated

Based on the classic Princess Card trick without using playing cards but instead everyday objects, 'Tuning In Updated' takes the demonstration to a whole new level. 

A Back to Back Drawing

The key factors in demonstrating this test are:
The assistant and audience must be 100% convinced that a completely free choice was made in choosing what to draw.
There is absolutely no way the mentalist could see what influences the assistant to make the drawing.
No pre-show work is required at all.
Even though an apparently free choice of a word is made sight unseen, the word is also freely changed and converted into a manageable and simple drawing.

The Bonus Section

A 20 page essay on the business side of show business

Book testimonials:

"This excellent new book from Franklin contains a wealth of audience-tested material which is refreshing in its diversity and practicality. I am already using one of the ideas taught within and I can confidently predict that this material will find its way into the repertoires of discerning mentalists everywhere. Highly recommended."
Mark Elsdon

"Franklin is a professional and he's been one for years. He's a worker out in the real world earning a living from performing. All of the effects in this book are professional routines, they use sure-fire methods and sure fire effects to create a strong impact in any environment. If there is a highlight for me it has to be Analytical Calculations. A classic effect made impossibly deceptive. But the real value will be missed by many and that's the last chapter simply titled Bonus Section...make sure you read it!"
Marc Paul

The book consists of 196 A4 pages, 14 chapters of routines and essays together with a CD Rom with all the necessary artwork.

Book Price: £50.00 + Postage 


Your first step towards gaining entrance: Please email me with proof that you are a performing mentalist.